TrigasFI GmbH
The Flow Resource in Europe since 1990.

JUST FLOW. Liquid and Gas.
The first Flow Laboratory to be accredited for both liquid and gas flow measurement in Europe.

Our high standards and extensive knowhow in the field of Flow Measurement are obvious from the first glance: Europe-wide, we were the first Calibration Laboratory to be accredited by the German Accreditation authority DAkkS for both Liquid and Gas Flow Calibrations and still the only one that specializes exclusively in Flow.
We are not a “jack of all trades”, we are dedicated to FLOW and it shows. Our competence is the result of our more than 20 years of dedication to advancing the Flow Measurement and Calibration state of the art and is guaranteed by our DIN EN ISO 9001 TÜV certification and DAkkS accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
JUST for FLOW. Liquid and Gas.

Flowmeters such as Turbines, Sonic Nozzles, Magnetic, Positive Displacement (Gear and Oval Gear) Coriolis, LFEs (Laminar Flow Elements), Thermal (MFC and MFM) etc. are calibrated with actual viscosities or with real gas according to the strict quality standards of DIN EN ISO 17025. With more than 15 primary calibrators with an accuracy of up to 0.03%, TrigasFI is equipped to handle practically any flow range.

By opting for TrigasFI, you are not only assured of the services of a versatile and innovative laboratory, but first and foremost precise and meaningful flow measurement values. Because wherever possible, we consider all operating and environment parameters. We use, for example, the original media for all measurements. Because diesel behaves in a different way than water, helium unlike propane. Temperature, pressure, viscosity - all have an impact on the measurement result.  So if your need is for exact flow measurement values, we look forward to hearing from you.

In order to minimize setup and downtime costs, TrigasFI also offers onsite calibration service, in which an experienced calibration technician takes care of the adjustment, repair or even replacement of a not optimally functioning flowmeter.

Our service and product portfolio is complemented by our own calibrator and test stands construction, as well as our manufacturer-independent consultant  services. Offered are, among others, Turbine flowmeters  and Mass Flow Meters and Controllers.

Our offer to you:

  • Flow measurement calibrations for liquids and gases (DAkkS certified)
  • Flowmeter repair and adjustment service
  • Turbine flow meters and electronics manufactured by our sister company TrigasDM
  • Advice in the selection and supply of flowmeters (MFC, LFE, Critical nozzles)
  • Flow measurement electronics and software
  • Flow calibrators for liquids and gases
  • Custom Flow test benches
  • Training Seminars and Consulting