Gas Flowmeter Calibrations:

More than 50,000 flowmeters have been calibrated by TrigasFI over the past 25 years. We are one of few laboratories able to calibrate with real viscosities, ensuring performance which is representative of actual operating conditions. Thanks to our experience, you can be sure that your flow meter will be optimally calibrated or adjusted. A properly calibrated device can often replace having to invest in new hardware.


TrigasFI is DAkkS ISO 17025 accredited and can provide DAkkS certification for practically all Liquid and Gas Flow calibrations performed in our lab.

Our employee list includes experts with previous experience with well known flowmeter manufacturers.
Our calibration specialists receive periodic training as part of cooperation programs we have in place with many flowmeter manufacturers.
Combining our expertise with the use of primary and secondary standards of different operating principles, we offer the best calibration precision among DAkkS accredited calibration laboratories.

We are impartial! TrigasFI is not associated with any flowmeter manufacturer. Being an Independent DAkkS laboratory ensures unbiased, reliable calibration results.

The turn around time for calibrations takes five working days. We know that you rely on your instruments and for emergencies we also offer a 24-hour service.


  • Primary standards used for liquid and gas flow calibrations
  • More than 20 years flow meter calibration experience.
  • Service is our Primary Business.
  • Calibration Technicians trained by flowmeter manufacturers.
  • Fast Turnaround: 5 work-days
  • Pick Up Service
  • Next-Day Service available
  • One of the industry’s best-equipped flow calibration laboratories
  • Accreditation and Traceability to respected International standards


  • Gas Flow Range: 1 mln/min to 20000 ln/min
  • Pressure: Up to 15 bar

TrigasFI is one of few laboratories able to perform Real Gas Calibrations, ensuring performance which is representative of actual operating conditions. We can calibrate with Argon, Helium, CO2, H2, Nitrogen, etc.


TrigasFI Pick Up Service

We will gladly organize pick up and delivery of your sensitive equipment. Depending upon location this is done by means of our own driving service or by our transport partners.