Flowmeter Scaling and Programming Service

Not just Calibrations.
Normal calibration quantifies and documents flowmeter deviations from ideal behavior.
In some flowmeters, such deviations can be eliminated or minimized by optional Scaling and/or Programming.
This adjustment can be either mechanical or electrical, often requiring the use of specialized software.
TrigasFI can perform this service for many types of flowmeters and associated electronics. Because of our status as an independent Lab, flowmeter manufacturers in many cases trust us with their original production software to perform troubleshooting, scaling and programming.
Our Service Specialists receive periodic training as part of cooperation programs we have in place with many flowmeter manufacturers.

Express Next-Day Service:
When you really need your flowmeters back in service quickly, we are prepared to do whatever is needed to ensure that you are up and running again with minimal delay.


  • Fast Turnaround: 5 work-days
  • Next-Day Service available
  • More than 20 years flow meter service experience
  • One of the industry‚Äôs best-equipped flow laboratories
  • Accreditation and Traceability to respected International standards.
  • Dedicated staff. Service is our Primary Business.

We Scale and Program: